Friday, September 17, 2010

Race Time

I'm running in THIS race tomorrow. I've done The Best 10k Workout Ever twice (see 10k on the side bar). That is 3 x 2 miles with 5 mins rest/jogging recovery. Actually, I didn't check the workout beforehand and only took a 3 min rest...does that make it even better?

I paced at a 6:39 min mile...which should put me at a 38 min 10k. Um, I may have been a little off on that pace number! I would be really happy with a 40 min 10k and think that I really would have had no problem with that before the whole stress fracture incident.

The foot still hurts and I had to take 3 weeks off. Nice. I've been back on it for almost 2 weeks. Mostly it's an issue of confidence. I can still probably run a 40 min 10k...but it's just going to hurt a whole lot more than it would've/should've/could've. Oh well. I am excited and will love racing no matter what.

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