Tuesday, September 21, 2010

race results

Ran the 10k race in Dallas. It went pretty well. I felt good and raced decent. I ended up getting 2nd in my age category. The first place girl was about 20 secs in front of me...sooo close! Also there racing, in the same race, were a bunch of sponsored elite runners. They ran with us, but had kind of their own competition going on. In their pack I would have finished 5th. I did get a nice MONEY prize for my finish though!

Anyway, I did get to thinking about those elite runners though. Since I finished pretty good even among them, I should be sponsored too right? ha! Sooo...I just got back from Luke's Locker (a big running store chain here), who sponsored most of those runners, and talked with them about being on the team. Apparently they have different levels of sponsorship from paying for racing to completely outfitting a runner. NICE! I would probably have to race more (bummer!!! ;) and I'd get to train as much as I could with some pretty fast runners! SUPER COOL!

I have yet to talk with the main man, but it really is sounding like this is a possibility for me! CRAZY!

We'll see....

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Jess @ THIR said...

Hey, good luck with the sponsorship!!
Sometimes it's just about asking the question, you know?

I have a local store willing to give me $5,000 to put towards my bike in my half ironman next year for wearing their name... because I askied if they would ;)
New bike here I come :P

Next step is getting adidas to give me my runners for free, cos custom made shoes are expensive :(