Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pocahontas on the fly

I couldn't wait to write out my review. I've had the Classics (originally I thought I wanted the Sprints because they're more diverse, but the store was out/I couldn't wait and now I'm happy 'cause these are so comfy and I would still take them hiking and swimming they hold on so well)since Thursday and have worn them twice. Friday I was stuck in the gym, but I got some weight lifting in and two quick miles. It took me about DOUBLE the amount of time to get the work done because everyone was gawking at my feet. I couldn't get two sets in without explaining again why I was walking around in water-socks. Everything felt great though. Squatting was amazing and felt so much better without all of the rear end cushion of a normal running shoe. The other plyometrics and core exercises I did also felt better, more controlled, balanced. My two miles on the 'mill felt just fine too.

TODAY I got to take these puppies for a spin outside. I ran a mile and a half to some trails and about 3 miles on those before heading back home. They say "take it slow" with these shoes as you get used to them. Well, now, that just ain't my style. The run felt great! I kind of felt like I'd developed super human powers...I caught myself thinking, "Oh, yeah, I can run barefoot wherever I want without feeling any pain." On the trail I did hit a couple of tough roots, but nothing painful. Hills were fun with the added traction offered by my actual toes! The mile and a half back home on the road started to feel a little sore, but pretty good overall. I'm going to enjoy these shoes and not really miss my old ones. Think you want a pair? I'll give you some good tips and advice I've read next post.


John said...

I've been wanting to get a pair and they're sold out everywhere around me. Can't wait to get mine! Great to get your initial impression. Very encouraging. BTW, great blog! :-)

Vava said...

Sounds great! Too bad my middle toes are freakishly long and, therefore, will never fit these "shoes". Also, I don't think my body is ready for much barefooting, but I am planning on doing some easy running on grass starting soon.

Continued success with your running. I'll be back to check on how your "barefoot" running is going.