Thursday, February 11, 2010

Training Log

It's pouring down rain outside, so treadmill it is. I've been running the same 4 workouts for a couple of weeks now:

-10 mile pace work @ 7 min miles
-10k pace work @ 6 min miles
-long run of 60+ mins

Plus drills and weights

with the occasional

-8 x 200 meter run w/ 2 min rest

...and all on my stinking broken toe. getting tired of it slash ready to chop it off

TODAY I pulled out a new workout from RT, taped up my toe, and had a really great workout...that almost had me in tears the last three intervals:

-12 x 800 meters w/ 2 min rest jog @ 6 min mile pace. When I got to where I thought I had 4 intervals left, I felt like crying, but then I realized I only had 3 left and, relieved, BUSTED THEM OUT!

-you should try it. Make your 800 meters you 5k race pace and then jog your two minutes rest in between. It's a long workout, I ended up running about 9 miles, including my mile warm up (and I would have loved to cool down with a mile, but I had a kiddie in child care that was ready to go). After effect: FEELS GOOD!

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