Friday, November 13, 2009

Starting late?

If you'd like to join in START NOW! At the end of the first week, we'll just tie you with first you have as many points as the person with the fewest....does that sound fair? This way you won't start with 0 points, but you'll also have a fighting chance :) UNLESS of course between NOW and Sunday (when we report our first week) you have already had more points then he/she with the fewest...then you will just have the points you have. Hum, confusing...just start now and we'll figure it out on Sunday.

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Walker family said...

So I am reporting in for the week. I ended up with 5 points but had 2 days of no points so I think that leaves me with a total of 3. Not too bad considering I made 5 batches of truffles over the weekend! This has been good for me...I realized how much junk I have actually been eating.