Sunday, November 15, 2009

Report Due

Okay, end of week one. This has been a great challenge for me. I realized how often I'll just pop a handful of this or that into my mouth. Once I did just that, and thought, "I don't want to write a point down for this" and spit it back out--aack!

Here's my story:

Day One-1 Diet Soda= 1 point
Day Two-Clean as a whistle
Day Three-1 square chocolate + 1 serving pumpkin bread pudding (delicious) = 2 points
Day Four-1 serving pumpkin bread pudding (aack!) = 1 point
Day Five-CLEAN
Day Six-Gelato!!= 1 point
Day's not over yet...

Tota 3 points! This hasn't made me stop having treats (obviously) but it does make me think twice about having a second helping (that bread pudding was tasty though!)

How did your week go?


Anonymous said...

I had 8 pts and two clean days. 6pts this week for me! Ouch!

The Oylers said...

I had 6 points but I had four days with no I don't know does that make 2 points?

Kelly said...

yep, that makes it two points!!! you're in the lead so far...but you'll have to hand over YOUR PIZZA CRUST recipe first!