Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm currently finishing up a book by Claire Kowalchik, "The Complete Book of Running for Women." Although there is a woman in the title this book offers great tips and techniques for both sexes.

You may have already heard that breathing on the odd step prevents side stitches, however the greater value lies in its aid in injury prevention. During running you hit the ground with more force at the beginning of exhalation. If you always exhale on the even step or 2:2 (two steps on the inhalation and two steps on the exhalation) you'll end up always striking the ground with the same foot at the beginning of each exhalation. This means one side of your body will constantly experience greater impact, leading to possible injury. So practice breathing in a 3:2 (three steps on the inhalation and two steps on the exhalation) to prevent these consequences.

It may sound annoying the work on your breathing, but I actually gave it a go today and it wasn't so bad. It took my mind off the running as I focused on my breathing. In just a few runs this practice can become habit. By the end of my 3 mile run I didn't have to concentrate on it and had an easy pattern going.

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Kira said...

I tried this in my run today, and it does take some concentration! I used to run breathing 3 in 2 out in high school. I really noticed that my natural tendency is to exhale when the right foot is down. Even trying 2 in 2 out with the left food down on the exhale, it felt awkward, which means I have always done it the same way and is perhaps an easy explanation for the troubles I have on and off with my right knee...