Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training Log & Mantra #2

This weekend I ran a nice 20 miler. I've been wanting to hit 20 and just hadn't gotten the job done, so this run made me happy. I ran it in 2:20 which was nice and has me excited to run the race (which isn't for a long time and I've got to make sure I don't run too much and get burned out). Along the way I remembered my mantra #2. While watching the NYC marathon the top runners had a "slow" mile (probabaly like 5:30 or something) and the announcer commented that logging a slow mile can really throw off the runners. It's kind of like getting out of your rhythm. The first marathon I ran I didn't really know what to expect so I just went out there. I about died in the last few miles....really cramped up. After that I've had a cautious approach...start out SLOW! Now I'm ready to go all out slow mile will really slow down my whole race. Couple this idea with Mantra #1 from below post, and I've got a fast race planned with training to back it up. Oh yes, sounds if the stars will align just so, my kids will become independend and self sufficient, I am hit over the head with endless amounts of time and few responsiblities and my running shoes are tied just tight enough, but not too tight then I think this is going to be the pefect race.

Speaking of running attire. Remember that song Black Whole Sun by Sound Garden? Well, I feel the same way about my armpit....Black Whole Armpit! It keeps gobbling up my shirt and chaffing! Wierdest spot ever! Have my arms suddenly plumped up to make my shirts too tight? Have the shirts shrunk in the wash? I don't know. What I do know is that my armpit has a bright red chaff mark on it...ouch!

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abby and paxton said...

Hey you, are you running a marathon on April? I'm doing a half in April in Austin! It's the Zooma Women's Race. So excited! I did 10.5 miles today- longest run since before Ty was born! It felt great! I'm training with 3 other girls, and I pulled out the 8x200's for speed training. :) They love/hate it.
During your races, do you eat Goo(is that how you spell it?) or any other pick-me-up foods/drinks? I tried a G2 something and it gave me a side ache. The Goo was okay, but I didn't really notice a boost of any kind. My last half I just stuck with water, and it was fine. Just wanted to ask an expert. :)