Saturday, October 23, 2010


I ran the dollar race again this morning. What a great thing....a good run and a good price! I like running in smaller races's nice to not feel so crowded. It has less of the excitement and hype that a big race has...but again, nice. I came in 3rd overall (you never know who will be there) and timed a 18:54! Yeah! I officially broke through the 19's! It felt good and sadly like I could have gone faster. But it's nice to get to know this course and hopefully when I race there again my time will drop even more just by knowing where I'm at in the race.

There was a big team of young girls there to run too. Their parents had come to cheer them on and put posters along the way. Two that I remember went like this:

May the course be with you

You'd be done now if it weren't for the running

It was good to see kids out having fun and running...and entertaining. Hope you get some race on soon!

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