Saturday, August 14, 2010

stressed out

I've been having some foot pain. i was hoping that it might be a little ligament pull or something sweet. today, worse case scenario confirmed....stress fracture! NO! I'm really sad and can't believe my racing season this fall is in jeapordy. if i can lay off of it and get it better, i'll still be out of shape for the rest of the season. stink! the culprut?: WAY too much pounding in my favorite barefoot shoes....hum....why is it so hard for me to follow simple directions like start out slow?

anyway, Deanna, you may be the unofficial winner of the Challenge...that's two for you!...anyone else still at it?, very tough challenge starting in a few days.

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trifitmom said...

ugh i had a stress fracture a long time ago and i had to stop training - it sucked. take care