Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best 10k workout ever

oooo-I'm really on a Running Times high. There are just a few workouts that I want to get filed away for later. This one is for 10ks.

The best workout:
3 x 2 miles at goal 10k pace
5 min jogging recovery

Buildup workout #1:
6 x 1 mile
start this 8 weeks before your 10k
at goal pace with 3-4 min joggin recovery.

Next week:
10-12 x 400m at 5k pace, 200m jogging recovery

Buildup workout #2:
2 miles + 4 x 1 mile
Six weeks from 10k
2 miles at 10k pace, 5 min resting jog.
1 mile repeats at 10k pace, 3-4 mins resting jog.

Next week:
3 m tempo run or race 5k

Buildup workout #3:
4 weeks from race
2 x 2 mile + 2 x 1 mile
at 10k pace, 5 mine resting jog between 2 mile repeats
3 min resting jog between 1 m repeats

Next week:
20-24 x 200m
at 5k pace, 200m jog betwen

3 x 2 miles

RACE you 10k

I haven't tried this out yet, up will do for my next 10k
(please, it says "The Best 10k Workout," that's worth trying!)


Michael said...

3x2-miles is good, as is 6x1-mile. But for fun you should try 4x(6x200m)... drop the rest between each 200 from 90", 75", 60", 45", 30" and 15", then repeaat. Fastest average.

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yui said...

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Good luck!