Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can you stand it any longer?

and the winner is...


The points were so close I had to go back and make sure! I'm so proud of all of you for hanging in there through the holidays...especially without a lot of motivation on this challenge from me! Way to stick with it!!!

Deanna wins...

A FOOD SCALE and 2 weeks of menu planning!

Thank you for keeping track of you numbers and doing your best to be healthy for yourselves, your family and others around you even through the difficult holiday season.

Keep on it!


The Oylers said...

Oh man...jk. But hey you know I don't really have any skills or anything but I am interested in a two week menu, so if there is anything you can think of that we can do for a switch let me know and if not, how much do you charge? Thanks for doing this Kelly...now I am starting my no sweets for 6 weeks and I go the biggest loser for the will fit, we will see how that is, I know I have to keep doing my other things like the treadmill and videos and such, but I am on my way to being better.

Walker family said...

Yippy! This is the first thing I have ever won!!! I am so excited for my great prizes!!!!!! Thanks for the great challenge...I really thought before I ate and now I don't put so much garbage in my mouth.
Love you

Chi-townRawlins said...

So I have a question that is totally un-related to the holiday fitness quest. But I realized I don't have your email addy. How did that happen?
Anywho, I've been working out pretty solid since Feb. 09. Workouts usually consist of 45 minutes of hard cardio and then I'll hit some weights. Problem is that, though I've noticed a huge increase in my cardio abilities (run longer, etc. - though I'm not running anymore), I haven't noticed any real weight/fat loss. I know that my diet could be part of the problem, but even when I'm being SUPER good in the diet arena and working hard at the gym the best I can pull off is a couple pounds. I'm flummoxed.
So, in my current mommyness state I know that I can't be hitting the "diet" hard but I'd really like to figure out the fat loss query. Am I simply working too hard in my cardio? I started wearing my heart rate monitor (I usually try to wear one when I'm preggers) and realized that my cardio workouts are all in the upper 85% of my heart rate - sometimes more. On my eliptical machine at the gym that seems to be "over" the "fat loss" heart rate zone of %65. So hwat's the deal? Should I be spending more time in the %65 HR zone to lose actual fat?
Thanks! You can email me back at annarawlins at yahoo dot com.