Thursday, December 3, 2009

Run o the mill

Another treadmill workout was conceived out of winter treadmill blues boredom today. I did this workout but added hills to it. This was nice because those first few miles are so slow that I get a bit antsy to get going. Today I warmed up with a slow .25 mile, then hiked the mill up to .6 grade and stuck to the workout increasing every half mile by .50. I decreased the incline everytime I increased my speed. Lots of button pushing is entertaining and helps those miles to slide by. By the time I'd reached my fastest pace, 5 solid miles has blown by. Thanks to One Republic and Beyonce as well. Okay, Fanny Lu too.

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The Oylers said...

Last week I got 4 points but I had 3 days with no points so is that 1 point?