Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being Responsible

As I plan and prepare menus, I find it amazing to know what we put on our plates. It doesn't take a lot to blow a 1,400 calorie diet out of the water. An innocent cookie here, a second helping of pasta there, a few extra bites of burger.

I feel like we've all be deceived and learned incorrect behaviors from things around us. An IHOP poster sports a 5 stack of pancakes on one plate. Chili's boasts a 2 for $20 appetizer/entree/dessert special. And a Whopper is just a buck! These things are not necessarily bad in and of themselves (okay, just a tad naughty) because it's okay to splurge a little once in a while and to go out and eat something you like, but we take all of these ideas home with us and end up preparing and eating oversized/poorly planned meal the rest of the time too. Not only that, but we were all once children who happily chopped through 4 hot dogs around the camp fire (or was that just me?) and we think we can still eat the same way.

My advice, learn what you're eating. Recognize how many calories are in the foods you're choosing to eat and make good decisions based on a well balanced diet. Maybe knowing that there is 120 calories in a 1/2 c low fat ice cream will help you to enjoy your serving and motivate you not to go back for seconds. Then, when you do go out to eat, you'll realize things can get out of hand really easy and you'll ask the waiter not to bring the chip and salsa basket!

Be responsible for who you are and what you're becoming (hopefully and healthy, happy person).

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