Monday, January 12, 2009

Drum roll please!!!

I am finally happy to announce the winner of the Happy Healthiday Challenge. Once again, I want to thank everyone who participated and congratulate you all on your great efforts to be healthy through the difficult fudge, I mean, holiday season.

Without further adieu....Kim is our winner! This girl has really made a great effort throughout the entire challenge (and I should know, I see her at the gym working hard!). With a background of successful weight loss, I thought it would be great to have a mini interview with Kim and get ideas and tips from one who knows.

What keeps you motivated to workout and eat healthy?

Honestly, there are 3 things and the first one is really dumb 1. I am constantly fighting my body to be something that someday I will figure out it just is not (that probably didnt make sense, but more simply put, I'm not a skinny Minnie and so if I don't eat right the majority of the time and sweat regularly, its not pretty). Reason #2 It is crazy how my body reacts to eating well compared to not eating well in terms of energy, sleep patterns, cough bowel movements cough cough, etc and so I try to eat healthy because I feel so much better when I do! 3. Im competitive, what can i say!

What is a typical workout like for you?

It depends on if my husband and I only brought one car... typically I do an average of 30 minutes of cardio (20-45 min) and then I lift weights, alternating body parts. I prefer free weights to most weight machines. I try to to hit the gym 5-6 days a week. I have recently started doing yoga 2-3 times a week as well and that is a great addition! My weakness: plyometric exercises. I don't enjoy doing them at all, and I therefore dont' do them enough.

How do you drink so much water (this one is really for me!)?

lol...consistently and all throughout the day. My trick is that I have a water bottle I carry with me all day long all the time and so if it is there, I will drink it.

What is a guilty indulgence for you? How do you keep yourself in control over your appetite? depends on the moment. I would have to say most often I am most willing to give into my love for ice cream, but I try not to keep it in the house and I really like the dreyers slow churned, 1/2 fat stuff. If I am craving chocolate I will allow myself one small dove dark chocolate and that usually does it or I love these dark chocolate covered soy nuts by South Beach Diet.

What are a few tips you could share with others relating to health and fitness that help you or that you especially like?

- Learn what the difference is between a smart carbohydrate and a bad carb and then test it out to see how it affects your body.
- Eating 6 small portioned meals throughout the day is a great alternative to 3 large meals.
-A really hard one that I am still learning is: Even if you are not seeing results, keep at it becuase it is making a big difference on the inside (we love healthy hearts!).

Can you tell a difference in your energy level/ overall well being when you're sticking to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise (expound)?

For Shizzzle. I think anyone could tell you that they feel much better eating fresh produce, solid proteins and good carbs than cheeseburgers and fries. And when you eat healthy, it is a lot easier to exercise. One motivates the other often times! A strange phenomenon I find is that many times on days I don't workout, I am not as caucious with what I eat. You would think it would be opposite because I would think "I worked out really hard today and so I will allow myself this _______" but most of the time when I exercise I eat better becuase I really want to make it count!

Anything else you'd like to share....That's about it!

Thanks Kim! Congrats and here's to cash in your pocket!

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